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State Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier runs unopposed in 3rd Berkshire District

Wednesday, May 30, 2012
By Ned Oliver, Berkshire Eagle Staff

PITTSFIELD - State Rep. Tricia Farley- Bouvier has a clear path back to Beacon Hill this November.

The Democrat will be running unopposed in the 3rd Berkshire District, following Green-Rainbow candidate Mark Miller's confirmation that he won't make a third attempt for the seat, which includes most of Pittsfield, this fall. Tuesday was the deadline to file nomination papers for the office.

Miller lost to Farley-Bouvier by 192 votes in the special election last October to fill the seat, which was vacated mid-term by former Rep. Christopher Speranzo, who defeated Miller in the 2010 general election.

Miller had taken out nomination papers to run again, but he said he ultimately decided he needs to focus on other aspects of his life that get pushed to the wayside during campaigns.

"I essentially took two years out of my life to run those two times, and there's just a lot of digging out that I have to do to put my life back together," said Miller.

Also a factor in Miller's decision is that this is a presidential election year, which, combined with the intense fight between the likely Democratic nominee for Senate, Elizabeth Warren, and incumbent Republican Sen. Scott Brown, will lead to heavy Democratic voter turnout.

Many of those voters, he said, will reflexively vote the Democratic ticket, making his chances of winning as a Green-Rainbow candidate unlikely.

Miller, however, said he hasn't ruled out a future run. He said he'll consider launching another campaign in the 3rd Berkshire District in two years. In the meantime, Miller plans to stay active in local, state and federal politics. Miller said he's looking forward to working with Democratic congressional- hopeful Bill Shein's run against U.S. Rep. Richard Neal and Middle Berkshire Register of Deeds Andrea Nuciforo.

Miller said he plans to be more active as a member of the city's Green Commission, which is tasked with, among other things, increasing energy efficiency in the city and encouraging the utilization of renewable resources.

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Farley-Bouvier Wins It!

September 21, 2011

By Dick Lindsay, Berkshire Eagle Staff

PITTSFIELD — Tricia Farley- Bouvier has advanced to next month’s special election to fill the vacancy in the city’s 3rd Berkshire District state representative seat.

The former aide to Mayor James M. Ruberto received 1,430 votes to win Tuesday’s Democratic primary, defeating city Councilor Peter T. White, who received 1,234 votes, and law student Ryan Scago, who garnered 1,082 votes. City Clerk Linda M. Tyre reported that 4,190 votes were cast out of 24,614 registered voters — a 17 percent turnout.

Farley-Bouvier moves on to a four-way contest in October against Republican Mark Jester, Green-Rainbow Party candidate Mark C. Miller, and independent candidate Patricia “Pam” Malumphy. Jester qualified for the Oct. 18 ballot by getting 202 write-in votes in the Republican primary.

The winner of the special election will succeed Christopher Speranzo, who resigned as Pittsfield’s state representative July 13 to become the new clerk magistrate of Central Berkshire District Court.

The 3rd Berkshire District encompasses all but two of Pittsfield’s 14 precincts: Ward 1B and Ward 5B.

The 350- vote differential between the three Democrats was closer than expected for Farley-Bouvier, who felt she out-hustled her opponents for voter support.

“I knocked on every door and worked the phones [on Tuesday] to get out the vote,” she said.

Farley-Bouvier plans to expand on that campaign strategy leading up to the Oct. 18 special election.

“I will focus on the issues important to voters and have one-on-one conversations with them,” she said. “They like that.”

White praised Scago, the lesser known of the three candidates, for mounting a “heck of a campaign” that made for an outcome that was closer than he expected. He also urged his supporters to back Farley-Bouvier in next month’s runoff.

“She has the core values of working class families and will represent Pittsfield well in Boston,” he said.

Meanwhile, White told The Eagle he plans to mount a writein campaign in the November city election to keep his Ward 2 council seat. The one- term councilor will battle Kevin J. Morandi, whom he beat in the 2009 campaign. Morandi is the only Ward 2 candidate listed on the Nov. 8 ballot.

White said joining the Ward 2 race was not his “Plan B,” if he lost the primary.

“I’m not done serving the city of Pittsfield,” he proclaimed. “If the residents of Ward 2 will still have me, I want to give them the same level of service in my next term.”

Jester, the only declared Republican candidate in the 3rd Berkshire District contest, had to secure the GOP nomination by running as a write-in candidate in Tuesday’s primary. He received 202 votes to meet the 150 minimum required to qualify for the Oct. 18 ballot. The local real estate agent was unable to take out Republican nomination papers because he needed to be registered as a Republican by May 1, city election officials had said. Jester changed his party affiliation in June — short of the 90-day requirement before a state election.

Miller was unopposed in the Green-Rainbow party primary. As an independent candidate, Malumphy had qualified for next month’s ballot directly and bypassed any primary contest, according to state election officials.

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Three Democratic State Representative Candidates Issue Joint Statement Supporting Striking Verizon Workers

August 16, 2011

PITTSFIELD – In an early demonstration of unity, the three Democratic candidates for State Representative for the 3rd Berkshire District, Peter White, Ryan Scago and Tricia Farley-Bouvier today joined striking Verizon workers on the picket line and issued the following statement:

"We support without reservation the members of the Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers who are now on strike at Verizon Communications in Pittsfield and throughout the Commonwealth.

 We are troubled by the attack on middle-class workers as exemplified by Verizon’s demands for a pension freeze, fewer sick days, and far higher employee health contributions. Meanwhile, Verizon is making unprecedented profits with its CEO, Ivan Seidenberg, earning more than $18 million in total compensation in 2010 – roughly $49,000 every day. Sound economic policy requires us to stabilize our economy and one factor in that is greater pay equity between workers and executives.

The Verizon workers have not asked for increases in their wages and benefits in their contract negotiations, they simply do not want their benefits slashed and their job security put in jeopardy. We appreciate that the company returned to the table and we request that the corporate executives bargain in good faith for a fair contract for working families.

It is our hope that a united front based on the values of the democratic party will bring much needed awareness from the community to the struggle of these workers for a fair contract."


Tricia Farley-Bouvier, Ryan Scago and Peter White

Democratic Candidates for State Representative, 3rd Berkshire District

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